Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Conversation from the Post-Communist Universe

A discussion between Simon Rees, Diana Artus and Jan Serych.

Apexart (2009) Three Moons of Jupiter:A Conversation from the Post-Communist Universe. [Online] [14/04/2012]
Frieze (2009) Nostalgia: What’s the Role of the Past in Fashioning the Future? [Online] [14/04/2012]

Friday, 13 April 2012

Collective memory and potential of monuments

The panel at a Frieze Talk, Mark Godfrey (Curator, Tate Modern) Edit András (Art historian and critic) Marko Luliç (Artist) Chair: Simon Rees (Curator, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius), addressed "the legacies and potential of monuments and public sculptures... and collective memory with which these objects interact" (Frieze Foundation, 2009).

Frieze Foundation (2009) CAC Vilnius presents: Memories, Monoliths, Monsters? [Online] [13/04/2012]