Friday, 19 February 2010

Drew Weing's Pup Ponders

"'Pup' Ponders the Heat Death of the Universe" by Drew Weing allows the reader to scroll and read through the comic vertically and horizontally. 

Weing, D. [2010] "Pup" Ponders the Heat Death of the Universe". [online] [19/02/2010]
Weing, D. [2010] [19/02/2010]

Scott McCloud, Digital Comics

Between 2001 and 2004 Scott McCloud created comics based on suggestions from his readers [McCloud, 2010]. McCloud (2005) also talks about how websites have changed comics and how it has expanded limitations set in print media, relating to screens as a window, not a page, and allowing "durable mutations".

McCloud, S. [2010] The Morning Improv. [online] [19/02/2010]
McCloud, S. (2005) Scott McCloud on Comics. [online] [19/02/2010]

Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and PoCom-UK-001

Daniel Merlin Goodbrey created a "collaborative hypercomic" for an ICA  wall using the Tarquin Engine, a Flash-based zooming system [Goodbrey, 2010]. The comic expands into a diagram like chart, mapping each frame in sequences and various paths where the audience can choose the order to view the comic.

The diagram looks similar to the index of HBO Imagine, which also uses an interactive interface for its narration.

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