Saturday, 6 March 2010

Baaa by David Macaulay

Animals are often used in picture books to illustrate human behaviour in a society. In Baaa, David Macaulay shows how sheep built up culture similar to humans, after humans.

Around this time, leaders arose from the sheep
population. Some had charisma, others connections.

One evening, between commercials, a news sheep
announced that things were being used up too fast.
But nobody paid much attention.

Macaulay, D. (1985) Baaa. New York, N.Y.: Houghton Mifflin.

Two Half Nations into One Car

This car was reassembled from Tranbant and VW Golf, two halves which also represent the former East and West Germanys. The cars were bought online for under 1000 Euro and went on sale on ebay. It is not allowed to be driven on German roads (The German Car Blog, 2005). 

The German Car Blog (2005) The Gobbi: A Car to Celebrate the German Unification. [online] [06/03/2010]

Point Alpha: Between Germany and Germany

Point Alpha, on the border of Hessen and Thüringen, was a point on intra-German border. Now there is a memorial, and a piece of the Berlin Wall (Point Alpha Stiftung, 2009) at a location on Fulda Gap (Somaskanda, 2009).

Point Alpha Stiftung (2009) For Peace and Freedom in Europe. [online] [05/03/2010]
Somaskanda, S. (2009) Cold War Tourism at Fulda Gap. [online] [05/03/2010]

Stefan Strumbel

Berlin Wall, Offenburg

Stefan Strumbel has worked on the concept of German "Heimat". The word loosly translates to homeland, which its definition has suffered due to the Nazi past of Germany (Williams, 2010). Strumble, who used to work as a graffiti artist now focuses on clocks, and plans to publish the book What the Fuck is Heimat? (Strumble, 2010).

Strumbel, S. (2010) Strumbel. [online] [05/03/2010]
Williams, G. (2010) A Clockmaker's Retreat. [online] [05/03/2010]

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Tutorial with Shaun

Focus + Reflect
 Unpick how the project worked, not worked, wasn't as successful as originally planned
  roles: who does what, when
  instigator, facilitator: me
  size of group (5): did it require a hub/administrative role to control the project... was there a need to "control" it, when I saw the project as a group collaboration?
 process of collaboration

talk to Lee about presentation

Where is this project positioned?

tools: Dropbox, Google Docs, emails, texts, Facebook, Skype, project blog

Critical evaluation and research portfolio: at BmB blog

Border Film Project

The Border Film Project handed disposal cameras to migrants and minutemen volunteers on the U.S.-Mexico border. The project has received 73 cameras: 38 from migrants and 35 from minutemen, and nearly 2000 photographs [Border Film Project, 2010]. There is a similar project taking place at the South Africa-Zimbabwe border also.

The Project is an art collaborative of undocumented migrant workers on one side of the border, and minutemen who are trying to stop the workers from entering the U.S. Visits to humanitarian aid groups and shelters on the Mexican side were approached to recruit migrant photographers. This process included showing the photographers what postboxes looked like in the U.S., so that they were able to send the disposal cameras back to the project.

Although the groups on each side of the U.S.-Mexico border have different interests/stakes, both sides have a common view, that they are documenting a situation which should not be happening.

Border Film Project [2010] Photos by Migrants & Minutemen on the U.S.-Mexico Border. [online] [03/03/2010]
Adler, R., Criago, V. & Huneycutt, B. (2007) Border Film Project. New York, N.Y.: Abrams.

Mapping Ideas

If the Nazis had won the WWII, the map of Europe could have looked like the one above. Of course, this never happened and the map is a fiction. There are maps which don't simply show the geological facts, but help visualise cultures or a phenomenon also.

Mengisen, A. (2009) Maps: Fighting Disease and Skewing Borders. [online] [03/03/2-1-]
Strange Maps. [2010] [03/03/2010]

Enclaves, Exclaves

West Berlin was an enclave located in the middle of the GDR, detatched from West Germany. This geological characteristic of the city lead to historical events such as the Berlin Airlift and the construction the Wall. This dilemma resolved when Germany was unified in 1990 and Berlin became one city, but there are numerous enclaves and exclaves scattered across the world.

Robinson, R. (2010) Enclaves of the World. [online] [03/03/2010]
Krogh, J.S. (2010) Enclaves, Exclaves and the Likes. [online] [03/03/2010]

Monday, 1 March 2010

The Wall by Peter Sis

The Czech author Peter Sis illustrates his life behind the Iron Curtain.

Markus, L.S. (2007) The Cold War Kid. [online]

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Walking Collaboration

These Overkill and New Balance collaborative product comes with printed insoles featuring the Berlin Wall.

Another collaborative project, by Adidas, bares a logo of two hands in a collaborative handshake. It seems to resemble the logo of the former East German ruling party, SED. 

SED (Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands), or the Socialist Unity Party, was founded by a merger of the communists and the social democrats in 1946, symbolised in by the handshake.

High Snobiety (2009) Overkill x New Balance “Berlin Wall” Pack Release Details. [online] 
High Snobiety (2009) New Balance x Overkill Berlin Wall Pack 2009. [online] [28/02/2010]
Hyperbeast (2009) Adidas Originals Consortium Rod Laver Collection – Drop 2. [online]

The Green Iron Curtain

This is a cross border conservation which also aims to develop local communities socio-economically. 

European Green Belt (2006) The Green Belt Initiative. [online]

Mödlareuth, Little Berlin

A small village on the border of East and West Germany, Mödlareuth, was also divided and had a wall cut through it. Now there is a museum displaying its wall and history.

Deutsch-Deutsches Museum Mödlareuth [2010a] [28/02/2010]
Deutsch-Deutsches Museum Mödlareuth [2010b] [28/02/2010]
Martino, E. [2010] Germany-Bavaria, DDR and Wall's Museum. [online] [28/02/2010]

Divided Village Mödlareuth: 
Hof und die Region. [28/02/2010]

The Right Number by Scott McCloud

The Right Number
An idea for the pages. By clicking on the arrow or the frame in the middle of the image, the next frame expands, which has the next frame in the centre again (McCloud, 2003). The viewers can also click on the page numbers, or space bar.

Maybe a photo could appear inside the photo once the page is ready to be turned. Could that possibly work with Lee's idea of mosaic? By clicking on P2 that appears on P1 [fig.1], the page turns/expands to P2 [fig.2].



McCloud, S. (2003) The Right Number. [online] [28/02/2010]