Saturday, 3 April 2010

Berlin Wall in a Toilet

The Berlin Wall in a Las Vegas casino toilet

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“Before you even think you need it”

"Before you even think you need it" boasts a DHL advert with a man who has just unpacked a hammer. The Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg gate can be can be seen through his window. The ad was created by Gabor Spielmann and Bruno Almeidaat at Ogilvy Budapest, Hungary, and photographer Pal Nánási [The Inspiration Room, 2010].

The Inspiration Room [2010] DHL Hammer for Berlin Wall. [online] [03/04/2010]

Windows and Walls

This is a Microsoft advert for Windows, "designed to highlight that technology is supposed to help people break through barriers and overcome obstacles" (Flores, 2008). 

"The 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall has inspired many advertising campaigns. Microsoft Windows has hit the nail with its “Break Down the Walls” campaign targeted at its own software sales staff. It concealed a letter of invitation to sales promotion inside concrete which had to be broken with hammer. Sales employees could also win a trip to Berlin by joining sales promotion. The idea was to inspire them to break down walls and build up sales." (Katti, 2009)

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Beck's and the Berlin Wall

I'd previously found a short clip from "an integrated marketing and public relations campaign" (The Inspiration Room, 2009) by Beck's, for the anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall. Here are some posters and another by Tim Buesing (2009).

Dominated to Liberated

Oppression to Expression

Grief to Relief

Buesing studied in Berlin and the photographs in the clip below, 20 Years 20 Hours in Berlin, are from an exhibition commissioned by Beck's (Buesing, 2009).

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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Image Fulgurator by Julius von Bismarck

"People’s great trust in their photographic reproductions of reality was what motivated me to develop the *Image Fulgurator*. A camera can be used as a personal memory tool, since people do not doubt the veracity of their own photographs. Hence, photos can reproduce the reality of an individual environment or public space. At sacred or popular locations, or those having a political connotation, an intervention with the Fulgurator can be particularly effective. Especially objects with a special aura or great symbolic power are good targets for this kind of manipulation. In other words, with the Fulgurator it is possible to have a lasting effect on those kinds of individual moments and events that become accessible to the masses only because they are preserved photographically." (Von Bismarck, 2007/8)

Wowereit powered by "O2" Klaus Wowereit (mayor of Berlin)
 at the opening of the art fair "ART FORUM 2008"

Von Bismarck, J. (2007/8) Image Fulgurator. [online] [01/04/2010]

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Christoph Niemann and his Audience

"I fear that my most basic inspiration to draw and design is a genuine insecurity. Hence, there always has been a (more or less) defined character sitting in the back of my head giving me imaginary thumbs ups&downs. That character changes depending on the assignment: when I was sixteen I would usually think of one of the girls that I tried to impress with my drawings (I was usually spot on with guessing what they liked — except that they just liked the drawings but wouldn't make the leap to fall in love with me). By now I have fairly established set of avatars that are based on real people, that I run things by in my head. When I give a talk, I usually try to find out if there is someone in the audience that I know, and then turn that person into my mental target audience." [Niemann, in Frank, 2010]

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