Saturday, 8 January 2011

web structures

I have been mapping websites, looking into structures and design, but I don't know how the Graft's site works, in relation to what I've learnt at uni this week. Or Get the Glass. The image below is the home page of Homeostatic.

Graft (2009) [08/01/2011]
California Milk Processor Board (2007) [08/01/2011]
Homeostatic [2011] [08/01/2011]

hosting transitional space

Art Cloud, at Schlossplatz, Berlin

Graft proposed to construct a temporary gallery in Berlin, where Palast der Repblik once stood, as a location which "breathes the identities of yesterday" today [Graft, 2011]. The "seemingly floating and resting for a moment" design fills the transition between "'what was' to 'what will be'". 

Graft [2011] Art Cloud: Here Today - Gone Tomorrow. [Online] [08/01/2011]

Imagine again

I have previously explored the HBO Imagine site, and have just come across their 14×14ft projection cube. Similarly to the website, audience were to choose from which side to view each scenes from. These were shot from 4 different angles, projecting diverse perceptions and experiences. The story came together after watching these scenes from all angles. Their message claimed, "sometimes a change in perspective changes everything".

The website had an interactive navigation, which allowed visitors to select the path in which they viewed each clips and images.

Thetrendwatch (2010) HBO Imagine. [Online] [08/01/2011]
Virutic (2010) HBO Imagine Integrated Campaign / BBDO New York. [Online] [08/01/2011]
FunnyAdsWorldCom (2009) HBO: Imagine. [Online] [08/01/2011]