Saturday, 17 July 2010

Marxism Today by Phil Collins

A British artist Phil Collins, documented "the upheavals of the past 20 years in Germany" in his film Marxism Today, being screened at this year's Berlin Biennale. He has interviewed Marxism-Leninism teachers who taught in the former East Germany, "a profession that died with the fall of the Berlin Wall" (Reinhardt, 2010). He speaks English "peppered with German words", Reinhardt (2010) notes, such as Wende*, ML-Lehrer** and Neue Bundesländer***.

*Wende: the term used to refer to the changes after German unification, which means "turning point".
**ML-Lehrer: Marxism-Leninism teacher.
***Neue Bundesländer: the states of the former East Germany which joined the Federal Republic in 1990, thus being called "New German states".

Reinhardt, N. (trans. Sultan, C.) (2010) Where Are They Now? British Artist Documents Fate of East German Marxism-Leninism Instructors. [Online],1518,702680,00.html#ref=nlint [17/07/2010]