Sunday, 18 July 2010

Web Trend Map

extract from Web Trend Map

1 The Stream of Information represents the entirety of articles and data being publishing online.

2. Individuals actively filter the portion of the stream of information passing in front of them. Acting as Micro-Curators, they selectively publish (to services like Twitter, Facebook, etc) the links they consider having highest value.

3. users create Micro-Aggregates of link publishers by choosing highly selective subsets to place on their Web Trend Maps. These maps become representative of subsets of online communities. The maps are also public facing (unlike most RSS readers) and provide a visual summary of links and trends within that community subset. Both the map creator and passive viewers gain insight into the community.

4. collects, summarizes and publishes all of the trending links on individual maps onto a Macro-Aggregate represented as Top Trending Links.

The filtration process facilitated by Web Trend Map (All Information > Micro-Curation > Micro-Aggregation > Macro-Aggregation) means the data rising to the top is "always high quality" [Web Trend Map, 2010].

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