Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Reflections on MSN4

My deadline has passed. I now have the time to reflect.

I have been generating ideas about still/moving images. I have thought about how I could develop the concept of memory and recollection on absence. One of the ideas I have used for MSN4 was to combine a video and a photograph in the same frame, to contrast motion and stillness - one represents present, and the other past. 

It also crosses the boundary of my photographic practices.

The idea to juxtapose present and past has been used by Amie Siegel in Berlin Remake. Sophie Calle combined interviews of people's memories in text and photographs of locations where monuments once occupied the space, displaying the absence.

I feel that my test images are too subtle and need stories, and more engaging elements. I have considered using sound and have been discussing this issue with people. I have intentions of creating an experience, rather than just an exhibit of my work, and looked at Jannis Kounellis' and Douglas Gordon's works, suggested by Shaun.

I want cues and excitement. 

My tests of the images, as well as projection, have worked out to an extent. I do feel that these need reinventing, to better project/reflect the concept of loss/past. I will investigate the relation of still and moving images, explore with time, and play/combine it with past and present. Neither slide show nor video.

I also want to further develop the projections, of smoke machine and frosted plastic sheets, with something vague and impermanent...

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