Sunday, 10 April 2011

Checkpoint Charlie [test]

The first clip made from 4 still images, not 2. It's a little more confusing - and complex. I feel the changes are not simply from one to another, but mixture and accommodation of multiple perceptions. I'm trying to add an aesthetic depth to the clips also.

A food court with sushi, kebab and pizza has been replaced by McDonald's, which must have increased the value of Checkpoint Charlie as a tourist trap. The prop-guards will pose with you for 2 - or €1 if you're young and female. Some of them would cover their face with the American flag to prevent tourists capturing images without payment. This particular one had an aggressive attitude towards a family asking tourists for money, mocking them and calling them "gypsies". Perhaps he doesn't appreciate the capitalist competition.

Tourist Lovin' scenes at Checkpoint Charlie.