Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sound draft for Screens 1 and 2

Nick and Terry have designed draft soundscapes for Screen 1 and 2. I feel that their work has a lot of power, and have had to discuss how sound had to be slow and calm. I have seen their work previously, but realised my work needed a lot more subtlety than I originally imagined. I have earlier realised I needed to compromise on my editing work, as I realised I was holding back Nick and Terry from working on it. 

Through a meeting earlier with Shaun and Tom, I've once again realised it is important to have the plinth/column build soon. I need something to look at and work on, rather than thinking over it in my head. I've talked to Kaavous about this and will work in the Wood workshop next week.

Another issue I need to resolve is whether to provide the audience with transcript of the German interviews that will be played in Screen 2. I have decided not to use subtitles, partly because it would clash and distract attention away from images. Do I complete the narrative for the audience by supplying word by word information, or do I let the audience do that with their imagination?

As of now, I feel I should go for something in between, by supplying the info (also who these Berliners are) but having the booklet of transcript tucked away, so only those who wanted the additional data would access it.