Friday, 18 December 2009

The Berlin Wall, a Bear and Collaboration

Artists at PeachBeach in Berlin have created Forward Ever, Backward Never! to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Wall's opening (PeachBeach, 2009). Symbol of Berlin, a bear, made of cultural icons and landmarks of the GDR was used to represent the changes of the city.
Attila, one of the artists involved in the collaborative work, says "the people love the drawing because of the loads of stuff you can discover and find in. Berliners find a huge amount of details they know from their own life" in an email interview. Attila and others chose to use the bear, a symbol of Berlin, with "Forward ever, backward never!" a quote by Erich Honecker made on the 40th anniversary of the GDR, a month before the opening of the Wall.

Attila also notes that while some people claim there is a psychological divide, thinks "younger people dont have such mindwalls anymore". On collaboration, Attila and two partners made a mind map after research, and then collectively chose what symbols to include.
PeachBeach (2009) Forward Ever, Backward Never! [online]