Friday, 11 December 2009

Dances for the Wall

"I was surprised to find out how much Nostalgia for the East had developed since the fall of the Wall" says Essmann (2009), who had interviewed Berliners for the Berlin Wall Project. The Project is a series of dance projects "to reflect upon what the Wall and its removal meant to the Western world in its broadest sense" and to acknowledge "that physical and political boundaries play an important role in an individual as well as a collective’s life" [The Berlin Wall Project, 2009].
"We forget this now but the Cold War constantly threatened to turn into a devastating atomic war. No place captured this reality more than Berlin, Germany – a divided city on the forefront of the battle between East and West." [The Berlin Wall Project, 2009]
The performance:;proto%3Drtsp&header_image=header_mil_video.gif 

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