Saturday, 22 May 2010

Room with a Historical View

Mauerspringer (Wall Jumper) by Gabriel Heimler

Gabriel Heimler was one of the artists involved in "the first joint art project between the two Germanys" after the opening of the Berlin Wall. The collaborative project by two artist associations, the VBK from the East and the BBK from the West, was titled the East Side Gallery, and was completed in 1990 with the participation of 102 artists [Arte Luise Kunsthotel, 2010a]. Heimler's work has now also "taken up residence"  in Room 421 at Arte Luise Kunsthotel and also "has been adapted to its current time and place": Mauerspringer leaped from West to East in 1989 in a symbolic gesture of bringing freedom, he jumps "from history into the reality of the present" [Arte Luise Kunsthotel, 2010a].

"All rooms in the hotel have been individually decorated by a renowned artist, whose concept incorporates the entire room. Every room is an original, and the only thing that they all have in common is high artistic quality". [Arte Luise Kunsthotel, 2010b]

Berlin History by Moritz Götze

Another room at the hotel features a collection of ironic images of Berlin by Moritz Götze. "By the window: an enamel skyline created by the artist with all the key orientation points, including the top floor of the hotel with a view of the Spree, the Reichstag building and the Chancellery. Next to the window is a shelf with selected Berlin literature and a telescope for remotely discovering the history-laden surroundings" [Arte Luise Kunsthotel, 2010c].

Arte Luise Kunsthotel [2010a] 421 Double Room with Shower. [Online] [22/05/2010]
Arte Luise Kunsthotel [2010b] Arte Luise Kunsthotel. [Online] [22/05/2010]
Arte Luise Kunsthotel [2010c] 432 Double Room with Shower. [Online] [22/05/2010]