Sunday, 16 January 2011

filmtext by Mark Amerika

Investigating the links between net art, hypermedia and digital narratives and interactive cinema, Mark Amerika's Filmtext is " a hybridized online/offline storyworld experience created as a net art site"
"The work traces the nomadic movement of an alien light form known only as “The Digital Thoughtographer,” loosely inspired by the life and work of Ted Serios. The Thoughtographer wanders through an eerily empty desert landscape that looks like a synthetic rendering but is actually the Haleakala Crater in the South Pacific and other far off destinations. Set in the language of computer games, FILMTEXT’s techno music, eerie alien lifeforms, space travel, and sound collages burdened with static and transmission noises, precariously negotiate the netherworlds between sound and noise, film and literature, human body and networked being." (Center for Art and Visual Culture (2005)

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