Sunday, 16 January 2011

Wolfgang Staehle

Wolfgang Staehle has worked on numerous web-transmitted work, including Palast der Republik (2006) and other topography in Berlin closely associated with the Berlin Wall and East Berlin.

"In 1996, Staehle began to produce an ongoing series of live online video streams. The first of these works was Empire 24/7, a continuous recording of the top one-third of the Empire State Building that is broadcast live over the Internet. Staehle has followed Empire 24/7 with online streams of other buildings, landscapes and cityscapes such as Berlin's Fernsehturm, the Comburg Monastery in Germany, lower Manhattan before and after 9/11." (The Trustees of Princeton University, 2007-8) 

Trustees of Princeton University, The (2007-8) Wolfgang Staehle. [Online] [16/01/2011]

New Art TV (2009) Wolfgang Staehle. [Online] [16/01/2011]
Postmasters [2011] Wolfgang Staehle:  "A Matter of Time" [Online] [16/01/2011]