Tuesday, 26 July 2011

ratio and size

I have now changed the size and ratio of the clips for the screens I intend to use. I've spoken to Fran about how I could change the settings on Premier. Although this process meant remaking parts of the clips again, it was nothing like starting from scratch, which I feared it could have been. I've now put the file in Dropbox for Nick and Terry to have a copy of.

I've been talking to Phil, trying to find a solution to how I can best control 2 screens. This will be done with Mac Pro, MOTU Ultralite and Multiscreener (a MAX MSP program).

Next week, I will convert the clip and then add the sound file. I will also purchase/make 2-4 "stereo socket 1/4''  jack 2 mono 1/4'' jack plugs" for distributing stereo sound from each screens through MOTU Ultralite to headphones.