Wednesday, 10 August 2011

final week developments

I am thinking of altering the soundscape due to unexpected circumstances. I plan to finish the sound (mostly of interviews) and reduce/cut sound from Screen 1 to avoid two screens separating away. I'm leaving myself Wednesday and Thursday for the last minute editing, once Nick is available.

The glass fish tank idea is also out, as the turned-over fish tank looked just like a turned-over fish tank, and not a vitrine. There is another problem pointed out by an artist, that having two screens inside the tank could heat up, even with a vent hole on top of the column. The replacement box would be made of perspex and I don't have the time to test that.

On the positive side, the column box is built, and I will be making metal attachments for the screens to be fixed on top of the column. I'll paint the box, probably with eggshell emulsion, once I cut out holes for vent (side, bottom), headphones (front, near the top) and cables (back).

Then hooks for the headphones. And transcript.