Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Berlin Wall at Garry's Mod

"After a huge anticipation for almost 2 months, the little sketch by Stene was soon made real by a group of talented modders" [Garry's Mod, 2010]. The player is a citizen of the East Berlin wishing to flee to the west, and you are to find a way, and can "roam through dirty tunnel, or have a little gunfight with the guards". Schweizer (2009) claims the map lacks social and political tensions although it has a documentary quality.
"Even though there's no built-in win condition for the game, it is clear that staying in East Berlin is not an option. It could be interesting to see how players of different nationalities approach the mod to see how cultural heritage influences their decisions." (Schweizer, 2009)
Garry's Mod [2010] Berlin Wall. [online] [10/03/2010]
Schweizer, B. (2009) Berlin Wall Map for Garry's Mod. [online] [10/03/2010]