Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Christoph Niemann and his Audience

"I fear that my most basic inspiration to draw and design is a genuine insecurity. Hence, there always has been a (more or less) defined character sitting in the back of my head giving me imaginary thumbs ups&downs. That character changes depending on the assignment: when I was sixteen I would usually think of one of the girls that I tried to impress with my drawings (I was usually spot on with guessing what they liked — except that they just liked the drawings but wouldn't make the leap to fall in love with me). By now I have fairly established set of avatars that are based on real people, that I run things by in my head. When I give a talk, I usually try to find out if there is someone in the audience that I know, and then turn that person into my mental target audience." [Niemann, in Frank, 2010]

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