Saturday, 3 April 2010

Beck's and the Berlin Wall

I'd previously found a short clip from "an integrated marketing and public relations campaign" (The Inspiration Room, 2009) by Beck's, for the anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall. Here are some posters and another by Tim Buesing (2009).

Dominated to Liberated

Oppression to Expression

Grief to Relief

Buesing studied in Berlin and the photographs in the clip below, 20 Years 20 Hours in Berlin, are from an exhibition commissioned by Beck's (Buesing, 2009).

Buesing, T. (2009) 20 Years – 20 Hours: Commemorating the Fall of the Berlin Wall. [online] [03/04/2010]
Buesing, T. (2009) Commemorating the Fall of the Berlin Wall Part 2. [online] [03/04/2010]
The Inspiration Room (2009) Becks Berlin Wall in Australia. [online] [03/04/2010]