Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Artists on Berlin

Artists I have focused on for this unit are, Tacita Dean, Sophie Calle and Amie Siegel. They have engaged with Berlin and its post-Wall characteristics. Tacita Dean's Fehnsehturm and Palast are film clips of politically symbolic architectures, and Berliners' perceptions are still linked to the historical background before unification.



Sophie Calle's The Detachment combines both text and visual images to demonstrate melancholic atmosphere. By interviewing passers-by, Calle highlights how changes that followed the German unification is felt by its citizens. 

The Detachment 

Amie Siegel has produced numerous short-films relating to the topic. Berlin Remake (below) juxtapose clips shot by the former GDR film firm with that of current (or post-unification) Berlin.

Berlin Remake

The artists have connected and contrasted the history of East Berlin/Germany with how it has transformed through the process of unification, and the works not only documents but rotate towards creative expression.