Sunday, 12 June 2011

Considerations on Planer LC15 ANN 1000

Issues I will consider in using Planer LC15 ANN 1000 for the MA Show are:

  • ratio/resolution of screen, from laptop or DVD player to the screen, 
  • how to hang it inside the vitrine, and
  • resolving the reflection of the screen.

I will also contact Sandlant again, to ask if the plastic sheets could be cut to size, and mitred on some of the edges.

I am working on the design of the column/vitrine:
  • on how to hang the screen, 
  • on connecting cables, and
  • where to place the speakers.

A column would allow me to hang the screen inside, which a NUCA vitrine (below) wouldn't.

Measurements of a NUCA vitrine