Friday, 18 June 2010

Irit Rogoff on Immigration

"...nationalism, one of the hallmarks of which is the perpetuation of the notion of belonging. If there are people who belong, there are those who do not. Nationalism and migration are connected around notinos of aspiration or protection.

"One of the things art allows us, that most academic discourses might not, is to start in the middle, and migration always starts in the middle. As a migrant, you're not of that place or this place; you're somewhere in-between."

"People who have been European for generations have a very structured formal language for their shared passions. People who have arrived from else where, and lived between several cultures, their shared passions are coming into being in different languages." (Rogoff, in Potts, no date)

Potts, R. (no date) "Terra Infirma: Towards a New Understanding of the Visual Culture of Geography" in Garageland, Issue 9, pp.40-41.