Friday, 18 June 2010

Richard Serra on Installations

"I was talking to one of the engineers yesterday. To make sure that everything is done properly, they've overloaded the space with safety precaustions and I think they've used more hardware than they needed. It's okay with me, but I think that counts for the fact that when you go to watch the installations, you may think there's an assult being made on the Tate. After the big steel I-beam rails come out and the piece is set, I don't think the installation process is of concern nor do I think it's of any consequence.
To tell you the truth the nature of installations for me differ with each job or with each site. This isn't the first time that I've had to prop underneath. I did it in Berlin for the Berlin Block in 1978..." (Serra, in Bickers, 2007, p.386)

Bickers, P. (1992) "Richard Serra" in Bickers, P. & Wilson, A. (eds.) (2007) Talking Art: Interviews with Artists since 1976. London: Art Monthly and Ridinghouse. pp.386-392.