Sunday, 13 June 2010

Glasnost: Soviet Non-Conformist Art from the 1980s

Haunch of Venison

Another exhibition I went to was Glasnost: Soviet Non-Conformist Art from the 1980s, at Haunch of Venison (above). I was one of the first ones in that morning, and there were more space to walk and observe than at Tate Modern. I was able to talk to a staff at the door, who described the opening night's event where guests were ordered around by actors dressed as officers; and another staff at the gift shop who informed me of an artist who'd worked on the theme of Berlin Wall, and also posed for an idea I had (below). 

"3,000 pounds, excluding V.A.T."

I found the Anton Henning exhibition as exciting as the Glasnost one, with video installation and lowered lights. I realise exhibitions are not only venues that display art work, but offer experiences. This seems too obvious now, but it was a striking thought at the time.

Haunch of Venison [2010] Glasnost: Soviet Non-Conformist Art from the 1980s. [Online] [13/06/2010]