Thursday, 5 January 2012

Erasing the border of art and life

The Global Contemporary exhibition at ZKM in Karlsruhe showcases post-1989 art practices that have emerged as a result of political changes.

Guy Ben-Ner shot Drop the Monkey (2009) with all materials cut live on camera while the artist made over 25 trips between Berlin and Tel Aviv [Site Gallery, 2012]. Ben-Ner "picking out the conditions and the process involved in the production of the work itself along with arguments for the pros and cons of the mingling of art and life as a central theme" and highlights "the present-day state of (artistic) diasporic identity as marked by inner conflict and melancholy" (Marten, 2011) with a messsage he writes onto his T-shirt "I WISH, I WAS SOMEWHERE ELSE".
"At the time of Drop the Monkey I was living in Tel Aviv and my girlfriend was living in Berlin. I decided to use that commission as means to see her every once in a while and create a movie that should talk about the proper or improper use of art. The constraints were quite unique, erasing the border between my life and the piece I was working on." (Ben-Ner in Donovan, 2010)
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