Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Creating Photo Opportunities

"They linger in and as memory; as we look at them we reflect, try to make something out. Images seen from a railway carriage or car; flicked over in a magazine, or flickered in front of us on a television screen... Each image makes distinctive, subtle but insistent interplay with us, with our memories, desires, hopes and feelings." (Crouch, 2009)
Photo Oppotunities by Corinne Vionnet is a collection of images of tourists' destinations around the world. Images are created from around 100 photographs posted online. Vionnet wondered if "we were trying to reproduce the image that we already know. How much does the image - through films, advertisements, postcards, the internet - influence our gaze? Are we trying to reproduce the image of an image?" 

David Crouch notes that viewers are "affected by the image, usually but not always visual, that someone else has already taken and that we have seen" and that photographs provide a referencing point to "a memory or something we wish was in our memory, like a longing, or provocation amongst others". He also claims that images "enrich the mixture in which we place our own experience" as they "share mindspace with stories, with sounds, with friends who have shared with us of these same places and other similar ones they have, or want to visit- and why they want to do so". 
"Our photographs are personal and shared reminders, and come alongside the making of myths in a popular visual culture of our own, sharing experience of 'being there', in vivo. Shared popular visual culture includes friends' photographs and stories, postcards we have received and sent; narratives that background their pictures." (Crouch, 2009)
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