Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Secret Life of the Berlin Wall: BBC

“It was understood that the wall was better than a war.”

The Secret Life of the Berlin Wall shows the divided city and its two sides, heroes and villains, and “a world of good intentions heading in bad directions. A world where nothing is what it seems to be”. It claims;
“the wall was the victor. It got bigger, more sophisticated, more efficient. The wall was here to stay, and so were the people behind the wall.”
The program shows people who lived under two opposing systems, and their opinions: “Sure there were 30 types of cheese in the West and only three here. And only one tasted good. So what – what is more important?”

Sim, K. (2010) The Secret Life of the Berlin Wall. [online] [26/02/2010]
On Youtube, in 9 sections: