Sunday, 21 February 2010

Ze Frank, Viewers and Stumpy

Ze Frank has produced short story where he tells a story of a duck named Stumpy and had his viewers illustrate it (Frank, 2008). The result is many different styles of images illustrate the story. I have emailed Ze Frank to ask about his collaboration with his audience.

Frank has also hosts Frailty which he describes "a collaborative illustrated poem" [Frank, 2010]. Here, he has posted lines for the viewers to illustrate using Scribbler and to email him, to be posted as an online picture book in the future. Scribbler adds an effect to the images drawn, and unlike the images of Stumpy, give similar touches or strokes. This is my sketch of the Wall.

Frank, Z. (2008) Stumpy Movie. [online] [20/01/2010]
Frank, Z. [2010] Frailty: A Collaborative Illustrated Poem. [online] [21/02/2010]