Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fictional reality by Nicolas Provost

"The film starts with an off-screen dialogue between a young couple, ready to embark on a romantic adventure. What happens next? Provost will tell their story by using nothing but stock footage exterior shots of a Boeing plane, flying towards a sunset." [Moving Stories, 2012]
Nicolas Provost created Untitled (2010) entirely from stock footage. The artist shows that prefabricated clips often used by filmmakers to cut cost can bring aesthetic and cinematic values and narrate a story [Moving Stories, 2012]. 

Provost has also produced Stardust [above], second part of the trilogy where Provost explores the boundaries between fiction and reality, "by using cinematographic and narrative codes from the Hollywood film language" [Nicolasprovost.com, 2012a], as well as Storyteller [below], in which the artist "manoeuvres and influences the interpretation of images, carefully balancing between the figurative and the abstract" [Nicolasprovost.com, 2012].

Moving Stories [2012] Untitled. [Online]
Nicolasprovost.com [2012a] Stardust [Online]
Nicolasprovost.com [2012b] Storyteller [Online]