Thursday, 23 February 2012

Transition and time over Berlin

In David Lamelas' silent film Time As Activity: Berlin (1998) shot from a helicopter flying over the city from West to East, the viewers witness large scale rebuilding of the city. The work "prompts a meditative reverie on the passage of time and how history is formed" and combines "the personal, individual histories of betrayal, loss and families torn apart to the more recent formation of a new Germany bringing its own set of problems" and leading us to question "who decides what remains" (Holt, 2005a). The film also brings into question "the significance of the notated time" as it allows "loose formulation to be transposed across time and space" creating different resonant with each location and becomes "a profound reflection on the passing of time, that transcends individual experience and incorporates the great swathes of historical change" (Holt, 2005b).

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