Friday, 11 December 2009

Collaborative Practice notes


As well as at the presentations yesterday, I have talked to students who have just completed their Collaborative Unit. Things I've noticed are:

  • recognize strengths and weaknesses of creative partners (and my own)
  • keep good communication, and have this as one of important elements when searching a collaborating partner: how well do they communicate, and how well do I?
  • co-operation & compromises are part of working with others

  • Clarify what I want to create, and who can contribute with similar interests, "equal stake", time to devote
Collaborations in the past:
  • BmB dissertation website
  • Cold War Game track
  • Recording Albert Lamb
  • "Onomatopoeia"
  • Tree house project in Class 2
  • Bismarck in Class 2
  • History class session on Berlin (which didn't happen)
Collaboration for today (or tomorrow): Toilet cake for the Toilet competition

I know a fun kid with parents from East and West Berlin. What would have happened if the Wall didn't open? This is a kind of collaboration too! I'll explore the  idea of East/West Berlin for my Collaborative work: bridging, connecting talents.