Friday, 11 December 2009


I have been speaking to friends who have just completed their Collaborative Practices unit. The things I've noticed - also from the unit lectures - are:
  • recognise talents & strengths/weaknesses unique to the collaborative partner
  • keep good communication, possibly choose your creative partner based on their communication skills/capabilities
  • cooperation and compromises are part of working with others
Collaboration is not something new to my practice. One example is the Berlin mit Berlin website, which was set up after several discussions with a friend. However, this unit will challenge me into analysing what collaboration is. I will clarify what I want to create, explore who can contribute with similar interests, and have some time to commit to.

The process of unification in Germany has been a challenge, and it still is. Whatever the views are on the success of this process, it is the result of collaboration, of people from the former GDR and the FRG. There were compromises made on both sides of the Wall in order to unite two nations which had been divided for 50 years.

A kid from Berlin
Her mother is from East Berlin and father from West Berlin. It's very likely she wouldn't be around if the Wall didn't come down in 89. Raising a child must require a bit of collaboration too.

Would it be possible to use the unification process as the theme, and also to illustrate the importance of communication, diversity, tolerance and collaboration?