Thursday, 10 December 2009

Who Drew the Iron Curtain?

"Significantly, after 1961, it is hard to find any of the pre-Berlin-Wall kinds of visualisations of the Iron Curtain. The Berlin Wall not only turned into reality the Iron Curtain discourse, but it also focused and dominated it visually. The image of the wall as a border turned out to be strongest at the end, pinning down and virtually eliminating all the earlier 'Iron Curtain' fantasies. It seems that non of them sticks in our minds, in total opposition to the Iron Curtain verbal metaphor which, as if unperturbed by the Berlin Wall discourse, both before and after 1989, is still in use today. Perhaps, visual metaphors hold more when expressed in words than pictures." (Murauska-Muthesius, 2000, p.248)

Murauska-Muthesius, Katarzyna "Who Drew the Iron Curtain? Images East and West" in Murawska-Muthesius, Katarzyna (ed.) (2000) Borders in Art: Revising Kunstgeographie. Warsaw: Institut Sztuki PAN, pp.241-248.