Saturday, 5 December 2009

Günter Schabowski Interview, Shortly After the 9 Nov 1989 Press Conference

Günter Schabowski, the spokesperson for the SED (GDR's ruling party) gave an interview to Tom Brokaw of NBC, after the 9 Nov 1989 press conference which - by mistake or otherwise - lead to the opening of the Wall. In it, Brokaw questions whether GDR citizens can cross the Berlin Wall, in which Schabowski replies in English, that "it is possible for them to go through the border" and confirms that the people are granted "the permission of leaving GDR".

When Schabowski answers the questions about the free election in the GDR and how the SED has been mistrusted by the the people of GDR, he answers "we understand that it is a very very difficult task, but it is a task" (Schabowski, in Shea, 2009).

Shea, D. (2009) Berlin Wall Newscasts 20 Years Later: Watch Brokaw, Jennings & Rather Report The News (VIDEO). [online]