Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hyb Tutorial Notes 3/12/09

Using digital as mode of communication and collaboration. So don't get stuck in the idea of the media, but explore it.

BmB clip: is it long enough to tell a story? The idea originated from making an ad-like clip of 15-20 seconds, which t now seems to have developed into another project. As an "ad clip", it shouldn't disconnect the audience from getting drawn into Berliners' experiences, hearing the "collective identity", which is what the clip does due to its length (or shorth) of the clip.

Dilemma of time

It is a concept of BmB, unlike the brand of Paramount or TED

It can still be a good way-in for BmB, but let it tell a little more, and give the Berliners more time, and the idea of collective co-existance (where lots of photos start to appear) can happen much later. Make the clip double the length to 1 min?

It is in its developent.
Working progress
"Premiss is the people"

10 min.
Background of production (research)
Evaluate the piece (as seen above)
Written evaluation also