Friday, 25 June 2010

Jonathan Harris on Collecting Stories [3]

"Generally, I try to use the most basic language that I feel can get the job done elegantly. For backend (data collection and analysis) work, I use Java, PHP, and Perl, with MySQL for databases. For frontend (visual) work, I use Processing (We Feel Fine, Universe), Open Frameworks (I Want You To Want Me), Adobe Flash (Sputnik Observatory, The Whale Hunt, 10x10, Wordcount), and good ol' HTML (, Threatmeter)" [Harris, 2010a] 
Harris mostly engages with online themes, "that reimagine how we relate to our machines and to each other",  with "computer science, statistics, storytelling, and visual art as tools". He claims the internet is "becoming a planetary meta-organism" which needs active involvement to shape its eveolution, "to shape it into space we actually want to inhabit - one that can understand and honor both the individual human and the human collective, just like real life does." [Harris, 2010b]

How important is online data for my work, or am I interested in people's stories and how they might feel and behave? What do I want to show, and what is my message?

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