Thursday, 27 May 2010

Street Art at Tate Modern

Tate Street Art [Tate, 2010a]

Case Study: Street Art sponsored by Nissan

Nissan's current marketing campaign for their Qashqai model focuses on Street Art as a way to engage their target audience of 35-45 year-old urban males. They also pioneer free riding: urban biking using ramps and jumps.

Tate Modern provided a venue for the final of the ‘Nissan Qashqai Urban Challenge' free-riding event as it tied into the Fluxus Olympics theme of the Long Weekend which opened at the same day as the Street Art exhibition. The Street Art exhibition offered an opportunity to reinforce and validate their association with the art movement.

The exhibition reaches new audiences, broadening the socio-economic and ethnic mix of visitors and targeting urban youth and street cultures in London and beyond. The addition of the Nissan Challenge also encouraged a much younger audience to visit the gallery, often for the fist time.

The fit with Nissan's wider marketing campaign is ideal and the sponsorship has been leveraged in several ways including additional advertising, advertorials, cycling and driving tours highlighting other street art in London, and an information ‘tunnel' at the front of Tate Modern housing information about the exhibition and the street art movement in general. All messages are consistent across all media and together create a powerful integrated campaign about the exhibition and the sponsorship.
[Tate, 2010b]

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