Thursday, 27 May 2010

Tate Symposium: Stillness and Movement

Vietnam, 1967, near Duc Pho (Reconstruction after Hiromishi Mine) 2001
Large-screen video projection, 576 x 720 cm
PAL interlaced, color, silent, 3' 30"

The symposium Stillness and Movement reflects on "films structured around the still photograph and how they address the perception of time and memory, and the nature of cinema" [Tate, 2010]. It will also explore "the wider discourse around photo films in the contemporary context of photography, film and digital media", and "the changing relationships of stillness and movement and the ways in which we conceive and experience time" (University of the Arts London, 2010).

Raymond Bellour, David Campany, Ian Christie, Dieter Daniels, Laura Mulvey and pioneering artists James Coleman, David Claerbout and Leslie Thornton 

Jean Eustache, Hollis Frampton, Dryden Goodwin, Chris Marker, Nagisa Oshima, Sean Snyder, Alain Resnais, Agnès Varda

Tate [2010] PhotoFilm: Friday 5 March – Sunday 14 March 2010. [Online]
University of the Arts London (2010) Stillness & Movement Symposium at Tate Modern. [Online] [27/05/2010]