Monday, 23 November 2009

Artists Reflect on 20 Years

Tim Roeloffs, "Berlin Works" (photo montage), 1992-2009
"Everyone's got an opinion on the anniversary of Germany's symbolic moment of freedom. But we asked the ones who can really interpret history" (Wilder, 2009)
Wilder (2009) interviewed 8 contemporary artists, photographers and film-makers to interpret and to describe how "more perspective than ever".
"After the wall was destroyed and Checkpoint Charlie [was] erased from the city map, the area became a regular crossroad with regular traffic... I wanted to reach this large number of people — that's why there are no texts or interactive installation[s] but a light box in the middle of the street. It does imitate advertising aesthetics, but it is not advertisement. It functions as a visualized traffic sign — like a question mark standing in the middle of the street." (Thiel, in Wilder, 2009)

Frank Thiel, Permanent Installation at Former
 Checkpoint Charlie (photograph), 1994/1998 

Wilder, C. (2009) The Berlin Wall: How Today's Art Reflects 20 Years of Memories. [online]