Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Lives at the Wall

The Division of the City Exemplified by the Heidelberger Strasse
(Neukoelln district. 1979)
"Officially, the whole street belonged to the GDR. From the wall to the front of the houses in the western side, a strip some five yards wide allowed the inhabitants access to their homes." [Müller-Schneck, 2009]

Inscription From the Turn of the Century in the hallway of a house
"Treat others as you yourself would wish to be treated"
(Heidelberger Strasse, Neukoelln district, 1979)

Ballgame with a Doorkeeper by the Wall
(Sebastianstrasse, Kreuzberg district, 1979)

A Look at the Wall
(Heidelberger Strasse, Neukoelln district, 1979)

"Among the Oddities Related to the Wall, There Was a Bell to Allow Access to the Gardens in the Erlengrund Exclave.  When the bell was rung in the western side, the GDR border guards reacted to the signal. Through an electrical device, they opened a sliding door in the Wall allowing the way into the eastern sector." (Spandau district, 1979) [Müller-Schneck, 2009]
[Müller-Schneck, 2009] Berliner Mauer: Web Photo Exhibition. [online] http://www.dieberlinermauer.de/