Thursday, 26 November 2009

Portfolio Surgery

The Portfolio Surgery turned out to be helpful for me. I feel that I was unprepared for it (I was) but I am better informed.

Keeping a research portfolio has been a challenging task for me. This is due to:
a) my Digital Transition program: setting a blog, and actually using one, and
b) being organised.

This Digital Transition has been a... progress. I am slowly getting into the habit of keeping record of my research, but it is in various media, such as this blog, notes on WHS refill pads and cafe paper napkins. I tend to store and forget about things too. Since September, I have left my notes at the school I work at (which is 2 hours train journey away), cream cheese and chorizzo sandwich in my NUCA locker, and a USB memory stick in the library. I have found everything apart from my memory stick.

In my Portfolio Surgery, I found out that I am able to submit my research portfolio online. And although at the time I was uncertain about being based in paper-and-paper-napkin media or online/digital, I have found ways to organise my blog pages, and feel confident enough to speed up my Digital Transition.