Sunday, 30 May 2010

La Ventana by Carlos Sorin

"He looks out his window at the Patagonian landscape and sees light and life, the past and the present, while sensing the future." [AZ Movies, 2010]
Antonio is preparing a for day with all his expectations, and he wants everything right. Antonio's son, a celebrated pianist, is visiting him after an absence of many years. Now 80 years of age and having suffered a stroke recently, Antonio prepares this day with a very special champagne, asks a piano tuner to adjust his neglected piano, whilst being told by his nurse not to drink and to stay calm. Above all, he must wait.

In his 2007 film La Ventana (the window), the director Carlos Sorin focuses on the day that "the small stories written by life, on the humanity behind human beings... establishes a link between fiction and reality that makes the protagonist’s fears, hopes and wishes even more palpable" [AZ Movies, 2010].

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