Friday, 4 June 2010

Heimat Berlin Projects

Heimat Berlin works on corporate advertising campaigns. This clip shows a CNN slogan launch project in Berlin. "Go Beyond Bordwers" not only tied in with the 20th anniversary for the Berlin Wall's opening, with interactive digital media in Berlin, but also targeted global audience "beyond borders" [GoBeyondBorders, 2010]. Below is the "Vielfalt ohne Ende" (variety with no end) advert for Deutsches Tapeten-Institut GmbH, which through series of still images shows change of time, as well as endlessness of the company's wallpaper stock. 

GoBeyondBorders [2010] CNN Go Beyond Borders Tape Art Project - Case Film [Online] [03/05/2010]
Heimat Berlin (2009) Tapenverband_Endless. [Online] [03/05/2010] [03/05/2010]