Saturday, 5 June 2010

Lærke Lauta: Motion, Still & Dual Channel

Lærke Lauta [Laerke Lauta] is a Danish artist who works with video installations as well as still images, and her works have been exhibited in various settings from galleries to internet. The following are some of her video works. 

Hun Mødte Sig Selv (2006)
Super 8 transferred to video, 1 channel, 12 sec loop

Hamsterbegravelse (2007)
DV-cam, 1 channel, 1 min loop

Both Hun Mødte Sig Selv and Hamsterbegravelse combine still and motion images into one. Lightsleeper places two channels of videos adjacent to each other.

Lightsleeper (2008)
HD, 2 channels, 6:30 min loop

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