Sunday, 30 May 2010

Neuroscience: Empathy and Experience

"When we get to the 19th century - the industrial revolution - we extend markets now to larger areas and create a fiction called the nation state. And all of a sudden, the Brits start to see others in Britain as extended family; the Germans start to see Germans as extended family; the Americans as Americans. There was no such thing as Germany, there was no such thing as France: these are fictions, but they allow us to extend our families so we have can have loyalties and identities based on a new complex energy communication revolution we have that anihilate time and space." (Rifkin, in RSA, 2010)
Jeremy Rifkin then asks with new technological development, whether people can create empathy among human race. Jeremy Rifkin's lecture, The Empathic Civilisation in full.

RSA (2010) RSA Animate – Empathic Civilisation. [Online]